Scope of the General Terms of Use


General Terms and Conditions are valid without restrictions, for all contracts that are concluded by City Lockers (hereinafter “Service Provider”) with one buyer (hereinafter “The Customer”), on website and on application City Lockers App. Hereby all terms regarding reservation, payment, delivery and management of possible returns for Services that Clients require are determined.


The website and the application for smartphones (ios - android) provide services of luggage and other items storing, via internet.

These General Terms and Conditions refer only to reservations made by Client via internet, within the frame of online reservation service.


How to you rent at website and at application City Lockers App


* Requirements required prior to the rent


The Client completely accepts all terms and preconditions, noting the frame given for this purpose. Otherwise, it will be technically impossible to continue with rent if terms and preconditions are not accepted. By choosing one or more lockers, the Client tacitly acknowledges that he was provided with all necessary information regarding the characteristics and the nature of this service.


The Client should be at least 18 years old and should be legally competent to conclude a contract and to use this Web Site in accordance with applicable Accreditation Rules at the moment of reservation confirmation. The Client guarantees with honesty and accuracy the validity of all information in his communication with City Lockers, as a part of his reservation and therefore agrees that City Lockers shall not be liable for any action or claim by third parties concerning the illegal or fraudulent use of Customer's data by another person when it comes to the use of the Services.


* Online Procedure of Renting

The Client fills in obligatory fields in online rental form.

The Client verifies or modifies or changes or confirms the given information and confirms or cancels his rent.

The Client accepts without hesitation terms and preconditions of website City Lockers.

The Client finalizes and confirms his reservation, by providing and by confirming details of payment that he has chosen. The secure payment methods are:

Cash payments cannot be accepted by any chance.

Online contract concluded between the Client and the Service Provider becomes abiding and final.


* Sending unlock-lock codes

Afterwards, City Lockers sends an e-mail and SMS confirmation of the rent, along with the PIN code necessary to enter the store and use the lockers. This e-mail and SMS are sent to the email address, mobile phone number and application provided by the customer in his online account.


* Modification, transfer or cancellation of rent

The Customer is responsible for the information provided and he verifies the accuracy before confirming the rent. The Customer is informed that any rent that is processed is no longer editable.

The reservation cannot be modified or transferred to another person or to another City Lockers shop.


* Withdrawal and refund of money

The customer is informed that he has no right of revocation, which he has explicitly resigned shortly before proceeding to the confirmation of particular service, and that reservation is not refunded except in case of force majeure.

* Case of force majeure

"Force majeure" is an event which is defined by the applicable legal regulations, such as a natural disaster or a major political event (war, etc.) where due to its circumstances the execution of the contract becomes impossible.

* Rental codes

Reservation sent by email and SMS by City-Lockers, along with the rental codes is the lease-contract. No other document will be sent to the Customer.

* Financial terms

The Services are provided with the applicable rates on the Provider's website and application. Prices are in currency: euro. These prices are fixed and are not subject to revision during their validity period, as listed on the website and in the application. However, the Service Provider holds the right to change prices at any time after this period of validity.


If the price cannot be reasonably calculated in advance, the Provider undertakes the obligation to provide the price calculation and, in certain cases, there may be additional shipping fees, delivery or mail charges and any other possible expense. If these costs cannot be reasonably calculated in advance, the Service Provider shall inform the Customer of possible fees and charges, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.


Prices include VAT applicable on the day of the rental.

Payment of the rent is made online via secure payment system, credit card, VIVA payment method. The rental application is considered final once the Customer submits it. Any rejection of payment - whatever the cause may be – has as a result the permanent abandonment of the rental application. City-Lockers will not be considered responsible and the rent will not be registered.

The Customer acknowledges that the data recorded by City-Lockers as part of the reservations made on the website represent the proof of the financial transaction.


Service providing

After the Customer's request for rent, the services will be provided after the final confirmation of the Customer's order, in accordance with these Terms and Preconditions, to the email address chosen and specified by the Customer upon ordering on the website and on the application, without possibility of modifying places and dates after the final order confirmation.

The Service Provider undertakes the obligation to make every effort to provide the Services ordered by the Customer within the deadline specified above.

If the ordered services are not provided within this period after the indicative date specified above for any other cause other than force majeure or due to Customer's fault, the sale may be resolved upon a written request of the Customer. The amount paid by the Customer will be refunded to him within 14 days of the date of termination of the contract, excluding any compensation or retention.


Terms and General Procedures for Use and Reservation of the Service

- Maximum rental of 5 lockers / person / per day.

- Working hours of storage facilities 24 hours, seven days a week.

- Rent on site and on application 24 hours a day.

- The minimum usage fee for the service (TOP UP) is 4euro.

- The minimum charge is the daily charge depending on locker’s size.

- Possibility to extend rent on the website and on application for an additional 24 hours.

- Possibility of renting for several days in a row: contact us.

- It is forbidden to have animals in any locker and City-Lockers space.

- Smoking is forbidden in City-Lockers space.

- Access is allowed to persons over the age of 18 and to children accompanied by an adult.

- No perishable goods are stored.

- The size of the cupboards is large, medium and small with net dimensions a) 966 mm x 54 mm x 88 mm, b) 626 mm x 435 mm x 88 mm, c) 286 mm x 435 mm x 53 mm respectively.


It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the size and weight of his baggage prior to any rental on the site.

No claim or refund will be made in the case that luggage does not comply with these dimensions and weights.

It is also the Customer's responsibility to ensure that:

- the locker’s door is closed when leaving the City Lockers area.

- the luggage is properly closed (code, padlock, etc.) and marked (label with the Customer's name and contact number),

- if he deposits valuable items, he takes the risk himself and City Lockers cannot be held responsible or involved in any compensation for theft etc.,

- there are no animals in the luggage.

- he did not leave anything in the locker when leaving  City-Lockers' storage room.

- he did not store ammunition, drugs, and generally any object or substance whose possession and / or use, sale and purchase may endanger the property of City-Lockers or third parties and / or is considered to be a criminal offense, as per regulations of the Greek Penal Code.


The Customer remains responsible for his baggage and its contents.

It is the Customer's responsibility not to leave any ID or documents necessary for travel within the locker. The Customer acknowledges that he has taken all necessary precautions to avoid the removal of documents necessary for his travel from the locker. Otherwise, City-Lockers may under no circumstances be held responsible for the loss of Customer's documents.

For security reasons, items that have been forgotten / unpacked and not requested will be stored for five days in a warehouse with custody of City-Lockers and afterwards the items will be destroyed.


Visitors can enter and leave as many times as they wish, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, as long as they have the proper rental right. If they encounter any problem, they can contact the phone number (+30) 6977280700

If the owner is looking for a forgotten item and wishes its return, all costs are charged to the customer and the corresponding amount will be paid in advance. The minimum amount is € 25, plus shipping costs, which depend on weight, destination, and delivery option.

Under no circumstances can City-Lockers be held responsible for damaged / stolen luggage during dispatch process and cases when luggage not arriving at their destination.

Although all means are used to protect and ensure the space, City-Lockers denies any liability in case of theft / burglary / forgotten or destroyed item.

City-Lockers will take any necessary action in case of misuse or deterioration of the means available to its customers.

City-Lockers lockers are equipped with a system which checks if they are completely released.


Reservation timeline and operating procedures

City-Lockers spaces are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Before the 24-hour reservation expires, the Customer, with his own care, removes his items and luggage from the locker. If for any reason they do not remove objects and they remain in the locker for more than 24 hours of rental, the Customer will be extra charged. In order to collect his items the next day or to extend the rent – if there is availability - the customer should visit website to follow the release process:


Any locker that has not been emptied upon the expiry of the rent and for which the release process has not taken place, neither an extension of the rent has been made, will be emptied with care by City-Lockers and the luggage and items of the Customer will be stored in a secure area, which Service Provider provides for this purpose, for a period - maximum of five (5) days. After this period, the items will be destroyed on behalf of the Customer.

The return of the luggage is made upon paying administrative and handling fee of 50 € plus 25 € / day as a storage fee. The timeline for this recovery will be determined by City-Lockers.

After 5 days and without any news or contact from the owner, luggage can be destroyed. City-Lockers areas are not living or waiting areas.


Liability of CITY-LOCKERS

City-Lockers will not be held responsible for any negligence or non-execution of reservations that were caused due to force majeure or by fault of the Customer. Moreover, City-Lockers cannot be held responsible for fraudulent use by third parties, identity or payment methods of the Customer.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to verify the accuracy of the information and the contract at the final stage of renting procedure, as well as the country code + mobile number and e-mail address. City-Lockers cannot be held responsible for the consequences caused by the temporary unavailability of the Site or potential connectivity problems of the customer's equipment (computers, mobile phone) and of the City-Lockers site displayed during a request or rental validation.

No claim or refund will be acceptable if the customer does not fill in correctly the rental form.


In accordance with the law and without additional charges, the Service Provider guarantees the repair of any defect or damage, design defect or performance of the Services under the terms and preconditions defined in the General Sales Conditions appendix.

In order to claim his rights, the Customer must inform the Service Provider in writing regarding the existing defects or defects of compliance regarding the provision of the Services.

The Service Provider will return or will repair and correct (as much as this is possible) services that are defined as defective as soon as possible after the defect has been identified by the Service Provider. The refund is made by depositing the amount to the Customer's bank account or by check which is sent to the Customer.

The Provider's warranty is limited to reimbursement of the funds actually paid by the Customer and the Service Provider cannot be held responsible for the failure or any delay.

The Services provided through the Provider's website comply with the regulations which are in force in Greece and in the European Union.

For all inquiries regarding the service, the phone line is open from 08.00 to 22.00 for any information and / or subscription number on the City-Lockers website.


Various regulations

Force Majeure. For all of the Service Provider's obligations under these General Terms and Conditions, the Provider shall not be liable for delays or non-executions without any fault or negligence by the Provider in case of force majeure defined in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

There is no resignation. The fact that one of the Parties does not impute to the other Party a breach of the obligations defined in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale will not be considered in the future as a waiver of that obligation.

Invalidity of a regulation. In the event that an essential part of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, then the General Terms and Conditions become invalid as a whole, since the questioned regulation that has to be analyzed may affect the general balance of these terms. Should any of the regulations of these General Terms of Sale, which are considered to be non-significant, be canceled, the Parties will endeavor to negotiate an economically equivalent clause.


Settlement of disputes

These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Greek law.

They are written both in Greek and in English. If translated into one or more foreign languages, only the Greek and English texts will apply in case of dispute.

The Customer is informed that in any case he can undertake any alternative dispute resolution (compromise, for example) in case of dispute. Any disputes that may arise from the questions of the validity, interpretation, performance or non-execution, termination or termination of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale may be subject, in particular, to dispute settlement and compromise between the parties.

This process is confidential. Conciliation will be applied to a single mediator. Conciliation cannot be extended beyond one (1) month from referral to the mediator. The costs and fees of mediation are borne by half of each party. In the absence of a solution through an alternative dispute resolution method, any dispute relating to the existence, validity, interpretation, execution and fulfillment of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (or any of these terms) will be resolved by jurisdiction of the competent courts under the terms of ordinary law.


Pre-contractual information / acceptance of customers

Customer acknowledges that prior to the order being submitted, he has received a notice in a readable and comprehensible manner of these Terms of Sale and all essential information and details, more precisely: (i) the essential characteristics of the service, given the means of communication used for the particular service, (ii) the price of the service and related charges (delivery, for example), (Iii) the direct execution of the contract, the date or period for which the service provider undertakes the obligation to provide the service, (iv) information regarding the identity of the Provider, such as mail address, phone number and Provider’s activities, if they are not connected to the given frame, v) information on the legal and contractual warranties and how they are implemented; (vi) the functionality of the Digital Service content and the cases of its dysfunctionality; (viii) information on the right of withdrawal (not applicable in the particular case), the cost of returning the product (Not applicable to the nature of the Service), expiration terms and other important contractual terms.